Token Utility

$MZERO will be an OFT launching on Ethereum initially. It will be the utility and the governance token of the MetaZero protocol.

Allocation Events for NFT Collections

  • Genesis NFT Collection Allocation: Buyers of the first Genesis NFT Collection on MetaZero will receive an allocation of $MZERO tokens. This allocation serves as an added value for early adopters of our premium NFTs, enhancing the appeal of the initial offering and rewarding early supporters of the platform.

  • BlackHole Event Participation: $MZERO tokens play a crucial role in the BlackHole Event, a unique feature on the MetaZero platform. Token holders can participate in this event, which is designed to create engagement and offer exclusive opportunities within the MetaZero ecosystem.

Buyback and Burn Mechanism

  • Royalities & Protocol Fee Utilization: A portion of the fees generated by trading fees and the MetaZero platform will be used to buy back $MZERO tokens from the market to be either burnt, placed in the treasury or given out as community rewards. This mechanism helps in regulating the token's supply and demand overtime.

  • Token Burn: Some of the bought-back $MZERO tokens will be permanently removed or 'burnt' from circulation. This deflationary measure aims to increase the scarcity and therefore enhance the long-term value of the remaining $MZERO tokens in circulation. The rest of the bought back tokens will either be placed in the treasury or be used to purchase additional steam assets which will then be given out to $MZERO stakers.

Decentralized PoA (Proof of Assets)

This is part of the longer term vision of the MetaZero protocol and so it is still being discussed heavily internally.

By staking $MZERO tokens, large asset holders can assist in both inbound and outbound tokenization transactions. The platform will employ validators to ensure these custodians are effectively managing their treasuries and that the assets are genuinely held, maintaining integrity and trust within the ecosystem.

The $MZERO token is designed to be a multifaceted utility token within the MetaZero ecosystem. Its roles range from facilitating allocation events and participation in exclusive platform features to being an integral part of the platform’s economic model through buyback and burn mechanisms, as well as staking and liquidity mining rewards. These utility aspects are aimed at creating a robust and engaging environment for users, while also ensuring the long-term value and sustainability of the token. Later there will be a proposal to form the MetaZeroDAO which will be a commitee to manage and regulate the category of assets made available for trading and tokenization by MetaZero.

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