Genesis Collections

Overview of the Genesis Collections

MetaZero's inaugural SAT offering - the Genesis ONFT Collections - represent a carefully curated selection of skins, tokenized into Omnichain NFTs through our protocol. The Genesis Collections are designed not only as a showcase of rare and valuable gaming assets but also as an early entry point into the unique investment opportunities offered by MetaZero. The Genesis tokenizations aim to bring more liquidity onchain for a certain category of skins from games. We plan to offer as much value as possible to Genesis holders overtime.

Premium Asset Tokenization

Each asset in the Genesis Collections has been selected for its rarity, demand, and value within the gaming community. These assets are then tokenized and offered at a premium on the MetaZero platform. The premium reflects the intrinsic value of the asset, its rarity, and the additional benefits that come with ownership, including an allocation of $MZERO tokens.

Potential Benefits

For the Genesis ONFT mints, the real asset price is lower than the ONFT mint price, as the genesis collections are treated as special collections within the MetaZero protocol. Holders will receive more benefits than just holding a backed tokenized asset.

  • Buying the first ever tokenized cross-chain traditional gaming asset for that category.

  • Early Access to MetaZero Products such as Vortex Testnet and Mainnet.

  • Future vested airdrop of $MZERO.

  • And more future planned benefits based on the category of skins offered.

Why the Genesis Collections are Unique

The Genesis Collections are not just a set of tokenized gaming assets; it's a gateway to a new form of digital asset investment. They represents a blend of traditional gaming asset value with the innovative potential of blockchain technology. These collections set the standard for future offerings on the MetaZero platform and establishes a benchmark for quality and value in the digital gaming asset market.

ONFTs IP Licensing

The wrapped skins represented as ONFTs onchain will carry the same IP rights as the actual wrapped skins.

The Genesis Gaming Asset Collections are a testament to MetaZero’s commitment to offering high-quality, valuable gaming assets as investable NFTs. They are an opportunity for investors and gamers alike to own a piece of gaming history and use as a speculative asset. These collection are just the beginning of MetaZero’s journey in redefining gaming asset investment.

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