Product Offerings

The MetaZero Protocol offers two types of distinct products: Single-Asset Tokenization (SAT) and Fund-Asset Tokenization (FAT).

Single-Asset Tokenization (SAT)

SAT is a process in which a specific, individual asset is tokenized. This process allows for the asset to be represented on-chain, enabling it to be traded and used as a speculative asset.

The key feature of SAT is its focus on individual assets. Each tokenized asset is distinct and represented by its own unique token, ensuring its uniqueness and ownership rights are maintained. This brings several benefits, including improved liquidity, as tokenization makes it easier to buy, sell, or trade assets in a digital format. It also enhances transparency, as the history and ownership of the tokenized asset are recorded on-chain, making it accessible and transparent to all parties involved.

The Genesis CS2 ONFTs and Vortex are part of our SAT product offering.

Fund-Asset Tokenization (FAT)

FAT involves the creation of a fund centered around a specific category of assets. This fund is then fragmented into ONFTs. Individuals who hold these ONFTs effectively own a stake in the fund, aligning their interests with the performance and growth of the fund's assets.

The core concept of FAT is to pool resources into a collective investment vehicle that focuses on a particular type of gaming asset such as CS2 Knives. By tokenizing the fund, each ONFT represents a proportional interest in the total asset pool of the fund, providing holders with a share of the ownership.

One of the innovative features of this model is the utilization of royalties generated from the trading fees of the FAT ONFTs. These royalties are reinvested back into the fund to acquire additional assets. This strategy aims to continuously expand the fund's asset base, thereby potentially increasing the overall value of the fund over time. Such a mechanism offers a dynamic investment model where the growth of the fund is directly fueled by the active trading and utilization of its ONFTs.

FAT democratizes access to investment opportunities that might otherwise be inaccessible to individual investors due to high entry barriers or costs. It offers a way for investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in a curated and managed collection of assets, while also benefiting from the liquidity and flexibility provided by on-chain trading.

The first FAT offering will be available in Q2 2024.

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