December 2023

  • $MZERO Token Launch on Uniswap v2.

  • Genesis CS2 ONFT Pre-Mint: Introduction of the first-ever CS2 ONFTs launching on Ethereum mainnet. ✅

January 2024

  • Vortex Alpha Testnet (Private Access for Genesis Minters): Exclusive early access to the Vortex platform for Genesis CS2 ONFT minters, offering a first-hand experience and feedback opportunity for our initial early supporters. ✅

  • ONFT Bridge Testnet.

  • LayerZero V2 integration.

  • Genesis CS2 ONFT Reveal and Launch.

Q1 2024

  • Vortex Private Beta: The private release of Vortex Beta, available for testing to handpicked testers from the MetaZero community. ✅

  • MZ Markets v1 (Gaming RWA ONFT Marketplace): Rollout of the MetaZero Markets, a dedicated trading platform for Gaming RWA ONFTs, providing a seamless environment for trading and investing into traditional digital gaming assets on-chain. ✅

  • MetaZero Explorer: An explorer to verify and track the holdings and transfers of ONFTs issued by MetaZero Protocol. This should provide deeper analytics and transparency into trading these tokenized assets, something that is hard to do when trading these skins off-chain. ✅

  • Support for Multiple Steam Asset Classes: Expansion of our platform's capability to support various asset classes from Steam, enhancing the diversity, appeal and support of our on-chain digital asset offerings.

Q2 2024

  • MZERO Staking: Stake $MZERO to earn $MZERO. ✅

  • Vortex Public Beta v1.0: The public release of Vortex Beta v1.0, showcasing significant advancements in our platform's functionality and user interface.

  • MetaZero Vortex Points System.

  • ONFT Bridge Mainnet: Transfer your onchain skins to different chains with the aim of accessing different markets for liquidity and fee flexibility.

  • Vortex Bug Bounty Program.

  • Expansion to other Gaming Ecosystems: Broadening our reach beyond the initial gaming platforms, integrating with other major gaming ecosystems to expand the Gaming RWAs offered on the platform.

  • MZ Markets v2 (Gaming RWA ONFT Marketplace)

Q3-Q4 2024

  • Introduction of our first FAT product offering.

  • Vortex Public v2.0 Launch: Introduction of Vortex Beta v2.0, incorporating advanced features, improved user experiences, and feedback from the initial launch, setting a new standard in the Gaming RWA tokenization and trading process.

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