MetaZero Overview

Gaming has always been more than just a pastime; it's a thriving culture that brings together millions worldwide. Yet, the true value of gaming assets – like CS:GO skins, unique in-game items and currencies – remain bounded by isolated traditional gaming markets. MetaZero recognizes this untapped potential and is committed to changing the game.

MetaZero is a Synthetic Liquidity Layer Protocol for Omnichain Tokenization of Gaming Real World Assets (RWAs), powered by LayerZero.

Elevating Gaming Assets to Investment-Grade Assets

MetaZero is poised to transform gaming assets from mere gaming collectibles to investment vehicles. Our mission is to unlock the economic potential of these gaming assets, making them accessible and tradable as Synthetic RWA Cross-chain (Omnichain) tokens on the blockchain. The estimated TAM (Total Addressable Market) of gaming skins is valued over $50 billion [3] and the market cap of just the CS2 gaming assets exceeds $3.5 billion [1]. MetaZero is strategically positioning itself to capitalize on this and other opportunities.

Synthetic RWA Tokenization

  1. Wrapping Gaming Assets: At MetaZero, we will encapsulate gaming assets as OFTs and ONFTs leveraging LayerZero's tech, ensuring their authenticity and scarcity. This process creates synthetic Gaming RWAs, turning them into tangible investment vehicles.

  2. Market Accessibility: By tokenizing these assets, we break down barriers that have traditionally kept them within gaming communities for only gaming purposes, opening them up to a broader spectrum of investors for speculation.

  3. Bridging: Leveraging LayerZero's omnichain messaging protocol, we're crafting an innovative extension towards real gaming markets.


  1. Speculation Vehicle: Recognizing the significant trading volume and value of certain gaming assets, MetaZero aims to provide a platform for investors to speculate on these digital assets, much like TradeFi or crypto assets.

  2. Democratization of Asset Investment: Our platform will enable users to engage in the investment and trading of these high-value gaming assets, previously accessible only to a niche market.

  3. Omnichain Integration Catalyst: $MZERO will act as a tunnel for communication between the traditional digital world and the omnichain future, capturing the value of in and outbound asset migration and management.

Vision for the Future

MetaZero is not just about tokenizing gaming assets; it's about redefining their role in the digital economy. We envision a future where gaming assets are as mainstream and as liquid as any other investment asset. Our platform is the bridge between the gaming world and the investment world, inviting everyone to partake in the potential of these digital treasures. At MetaZero, we are opening doors to new investment frontiers, where every gaming asset holds the promise of value growth and investment opportunity. Traditional gamers will also be able to unlock more value through this and will incentivise them to move on-chain to access opportunities which were not available before.


Minimum CS2 Market Cap [1]

CS2 item captured by third-party platforms [2]

Gaming skin market valuation [3]

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