After the Genesis CS2 ONFT mint, we will introduce Vortex, a platform offered by the MetaZero Protocol and powered by LayerZero. This platform enables users to permissionlessly tokenize their Steam gaming assets and bring them onto the blockchain for trading and speculation. Vortex will be part of our SAT product offering.

Vortex will initially be available as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on Testnet for Genesis ONFT holders, before its launch on Mainnet, where it will be accessible to everyone. Initially, the platform will enable the transfer of Counter-Strike gaming assets to the MetaZero vaults. In exchange, users will receive an omnichain token representing these assets for on-chain trading. Later, Vortex will add functionality to tokenize assets from other traditional gaming ecosystems and games.

Inbound Tokenization

On the Vortex platform, anyone is free to tokenize any asset, and the minting price will be negligible (besides gas), as users will be bringing their own assets to tokenize for on-chain trading. Users will need to hold a certain amount of $MZERO tokens in their wallet to use Vortex for tokenizing assets.

Outbound Tokenization

Users will also be able to convert their assets back to their original form through outbound tokenization on the Vortex platform, although this is not recommended. This transaction will incur a flat fee in $MZERO tokens. The ONFT will be burnt on-chain, and the asset will be deposited into the user’s off-chain gaming ecosystem account (such as Steam).

Steam has monopolized trading on its platform for years. With the release of Vortex, anyone will be able to permissionlessly tokenize ANY Steam asset and bring it on-chain for trading and further speculation. This opens up the entire $50+ billion gaming asset market for investment speculation and breaks the monopoly Steam and other gaming ecosystems have had for many years. Initially, Vortex will focus on Steam gaming assets, specifically CS2 assets, but plans are in place to quickly expand to support other gaming ecosystems and games.

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