This page contains information regarding the Vortex Points System.

To incentivize early adopters and users of MetaZero Protocol, we've created a points system for tokenizing and holding Gaming RWA ONFTs, which will yield future benefits and rewards. Users' total tokenized assets, average points per tokenization and total MetaPoints are displayed on a leaderboard on the MetaZero Points dApp.

How to earn Points:

  1. Tokenize gaming assets/skins through Vortex. The higher the price of the asset on secondary markets the more points you will receive.

  2. Points boosted through holding Genesis RWA ONFTs.

  3. Points boosted through holding any other (standard) tokenized assets.

P=A[(1+S0.01)(1+G0.05)]P = A * [(1+S*0.01)*(1+G*0.05)]


P = Total Points

A = 7 day average price of asset on secondary market

S = Number of Standard RWA ONFTs held

G = Number of Genesis RWA ONFTs held

The formula calculates the total points accrued based on the average price of the skins in the secondary market (which are being tokenized), alongside point boosts by taking into account the Standard and Genesis RWA ONFTs held by the user.

What benefits or rewards can MetaPoints provide?

  • Entry into future airdrops.

  • Access to exclusive raffles or special events.

  • Free merch (obviously).

  • MetaZeroDAO Council access (more info soon).

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